The Practical Computer is a blog about technology for small businesses and everyday computer users. Our mission is to help the non-technical get the most from their technology. We want to offer sound and practical advice that is easy to understand.

In today’s economy especially, most of us need to make sure our choices are practical. We need to get the maximum benefit for the time and money we invest in computers, smartphones and software. Technology can improve our lives in numerous ways that are difficult to put a value on. We want to help the average person understand it.

About Me

I began my career in information technology in 1984 as an IBM and Apple computer salesman. Since then, I have been an account manager, software trainer, systems engineer, chief technical officer, business owner, and a chief information officer. My systems skills come from many years of designing and installing computer networks but, my business experience is what best helps me understand how to help people apply technology.

I have been helping organizations and businesses get the most from their investments in technology for a long time. I hope I can continue to help them for a long time to come. It is what I have always loved to do.