Meltdown and Spectre

Should You Worry About Meltdown and Spectre?

### Updated – 1/17/2018 

More recent news about Meltdown and two variants of Spectre have caused some confusion. After first saying that the second variant of Spectre would not affect their CPUs, AMD is now releasing a patch through computer and motherboard manufacturers. While the AMD patches should be available next week for their newest processors, they will be slower to release them for older processors. 

Intel last week confirmed that its firmware patches for the CPU flaws have been causing a higher number of reboots on Broadwell and Haswell chips. The company had reportedly told its datacenter customers to hold off on applying the patch due to the errors. 

Microsoft is withholding its patch for Meltdown for computers that have certain anti-virus software due to installation failure. Follow up with your anti-virus software vendor for more information.

To find out if your computer has been patched, you can download  InSpectre, a  simple tool made by Gibson Research that detects if your PC is vulnerable to Meltdown and Spectre. If it is, continue checking with your antivirus software and computer manufacturer to find when they will be releasing patches and continue to keep your anti-virus signatures updated. ###

The CPU flaws, Meltdown and Spectre have caused a tremendous amount of anxiety in the computer industry. But If you are an average, everyday computer user, you don’t have much to worry about. So far, the vulnerabilities have not been exploited. More than likely, your computer has already received the updates that will protect you.

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Raspberry Pi Desktop

Building a Raspberry Pi Desktop Computer

Building a Raspberry Pi desktop computer is an inexpensive project and it is a great way to learn Linux. It may also be all the desktop you need! If you are new to Linux, don’t worry. It is easy to install and configure Raspbian, Raspberry’s version of Linux. Raspbian has a Windows-like desktop that makes it easy to use too. 

The Raspberry Pi is a favorite among hobbyists. They make amazing things with it, from a miniature game console to a Reddit powered plant waterer. But can it be used as a desktop computer? To find out, I built a Raspberry Pi desktop computer and installed free, open source software that performs the most common tasks of a desktop PC, and then some. Here is how I did it, step by step. 

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