Small Business

Microsoft hybrid cloud architecture

Microsoft Small Business Solutions – Windows Server 2016 Essentials And The Cloud


Microsoft Small Business Server was successful from its beginning because it offered small businesses an inexpensive way to run enterprise-class server software on a single server. Microsoft ended Small Business Server (SBS) with their final release in 2011. Today, Microsoft’s small business solutions begin with Office 365 and Windows Server 2016 Essentials.

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Internet Failover

Internet Failover Strategies for Small Business

Cloud service providers can easily outperform small businesses in systems availability and data protection. By using cloud applications and storage, small businesses can reduce their IT costs, ramp up new capacity easily, and increase their systems reliability. That is, as long as they can stay connected to the Internet. By using an Internet failover system, small businesses can remove that single point of failure in their cloud computing strategy.

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Gartner Hype Cycle

Hype, The Cloud, and Why Small Business Should Move Now


Just a little over 3 years ago (July 2009), Cloud computing was at a stage of the Gartner, Inc. Hype cycle called “Peak of Inflated Expectations.” Gartner has since segmented Cloud technology into several components, most of which they now (October 2012) show on the “Slope of Enlightenment.” I believe several components of Cloud computing are now at the “Plateau of Productivity,” especially for Small Business.

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