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Yes! Your Business IS Ready for the Cloud

Not only is your business ready for cloud computing but, you should be moving or planning your move to the cloud now. Large corporations and companies of all sizes are moving the bulk of their information technology and data to cloud computing services. It no longer makes sense to manage data centers and IT infrastructure in-house. Cloud vendors have advantages of scale and expertise. Now, their security and quality of service are as good or better than any large corporations.

Now is an especially good time for small businesses to begin their move to cloud computing too! In almost every conceivable case, cloud computing will be more cost-effective. Cloud application and data services are inexpensive and can be deployed rapidly. Even if your business needs customized applications, the cloud infrastructure services needed to host them, and the cloud platform services required for their data, have never been more widely available or more affordable.

Google Apps for Business will be all the cloud services many small businesses will need. In fact, Google Apps will provide many small businesses with more capabilities than they ever had before. If businesses require special applications, they will likely be able to use cloud services for them too. Virtually every type of vertical application is available as a cloud service today.

As an Authorized Google Apps for Business Reseller, South Side Tech can help you with everything you need to start saving and get the benefits of cloud computing today!

  • Migrate your existing data and ensure it is secure.
  • Email, Microsoft Exchange, and Outlook migration services.
  • Customize Google Sites so your team can collaborate better on tasks and projects than ever before!
  • Train your team to take advantage of all the features of Google Apps for Business.

Get started with Google Apps for Business today!


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