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Clean Up Junk Email with Unroll.Me


If you are like me, you have an inbox cluttered with junk email from subscriptions. Some are welcome and some outwear their welcome. From time to time, I go through the exercise of unsubscribing from email one at a time. Not very efficient. Then there is the waiting period – anywhere from 24 hours to 10 days – to process your request. I usually end up unsubscribing from the same list several times just to make sure my request is processed. Thankfully, there is a better way.

One man’s junk email is another man’s treasure

Unroll.Me from Slice Technologies is a free service that can identify all your email subscriptions, even those you don’t remember signing up for. Then it lists them and allows you to unsubscribe all at once! You can manage from their website, or with their Android or iPhone app.

Unroll.Me would be worthwhile if that is all it does. It can also notify you whenever you are put on a new list unknowingly. A good service for helping to keep your inbox clutter-free, but also for identifying the low down varmint websites that stoop so low. It can also ‘roll-up” subscriptions into one digest email. This is a great way to reduce your junk email and save time while you deal with your important email each day. Unroll.Me creates a folder named “Unroll.Me” in your inbox for all your rolled-up digest emails. You can even schedule your roll-up emails to be delivered either in the morning, afternoon, or night. And for those of us who have way too many subscriptions and newsletters, Unroll.Me automatically categorizes them for easier management.

Unroll.Me works with popular webmail providers

Unroll.Me works with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, and iCloud email. You will have to give Unroll.Me permissions to manage email with each service. If you have more than one email account with one or more of these providers, and you want to use Unroll.Me on each email account, you will have to create a separate Unroll.Me account for each. Fortunately, that is easy to do. Just a few clicks are all it requires to start using Unroll.Me right away.

Unfortunately, Unroll.Me doesn’t work with other POP3 email accounts. Like most everyone who manages a website, I have several email accounts for each of my website domains. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and other special accounts are common POP3 email accounts used by webmasters. I don’t sign up for email lists or newsletters with these accounts, but I do have other POP3 accounts that also get junk email. It would be nice to use Unroll.Me for those.

What about those waiting periods? unsubscribes you by following a sender’s unsubscribe instructions 24 hours after you’ve unsubscribed. As a backup, it automatically trashes all future emails you’ll receive from that sender. This is to ensure that if the unsubscribe request fails for some reason, you’ll still never receive an email from that sender. Any email you received from those senders in the past will remain untouched.

What does Unroll.Me do with all the data they collect?

Slice Technologies, which owns Unroll.Me measures e-commerce through a technology that automatically recognizes commercial emails and extracts purchase information from them. Their technology is designed to ignore personal email, which does not help them measure market trends.

Slice strips away personal information– your name, email, address, anything that could identify you – to build anonymized market research products that analyze and track consumer trends. They claim they don’t share your receipts, emails or any of your personal information. You can find more information at the Slice Intelligence blog.



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