Google Calendar with Thunderbird

How To Use Google Calendar With Thunderbird


Google Calendar is a popular web calendar program for good reason. It is free and event data is stored online so you can access it from anywhere on any device. It automatically synchronizes with the Google Calendar app for Android and iPhone. It can even sync with Outlook and Apple Calendar. But the online Google Calendar lacks an important capability. You must be connected to the Internet to use it, but Google Calendar with Thunderbird and allows you to work with your calendar offline. 

The best of both the online and offline calendars

With the Thunderbird add-on, Provider for Google Calendar, you can have the best of both the online and offline calendars. Because the “Provider for Google Calendar” provides two-way synchronization, you can still use the online Google Calendar when you don’t have access to Thunderbird. Changes to events in Google Calendar will be synced to Thunderbird and vice versa. Work with your calendars offline and Thunderbird will still notify you with reminders. Thunderbird will sync changes back to Google Calendar as soon as you are online.

You can also integrate Google Calendar with Thunderbird using the add-on Google Calendar Tab, but it requires you to be online to use it. It’s basically the same as using Thunderbird for a browser to access Google Calendar. Provider for Google Calendar doesn’t have this limitation. It allows multiple Gooogle Calendars to work natively within the application. Here is how to install and use it:

Install and configure the Provider for Google Calendar add-on for Thunderbird



Thunderbird, Google Calendar, and Gmail can give you a powerful solution for working offline with email and calendars. 

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