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The Practical Computer | By Tom Ledford

In 2013 more people will use their mobile phones than PCs to get online. When you also consider the rapidly rising popularity of tablets, the most important online presence for your business is no longer a website designed for desktop and laptop computers.

The amount of information most users will consume from any website at one time, is getting smaller. We are getting very adept at drinking from the Internet fire hose. Most of us now prefer concise information no matter what device we use to get it. The smaller the screen, the more concise information needs to be.

Mobile websites have different requirements

Your website will probably not adapt well to mobile without changes. Mobile sites need fewer and smaller graphics to load quickly. It is important to use big, easy to select buttons for links. You will want to optimize your mobile site for the most important needs of your customers while they are mobile. A mobile site with only a big button that calls you and another that displays a map, is better than a website designed for a desktop that just shrinks to fit a phone’s screen.

Responsive or separate websites?

Many new website designs are “responsive.” A responsive design automatically adjusts to the device and screen size. Google’s Blogger templates are responsive, as are the most popular new CSS and WordPress templates. If you are designing or redesigning your website from scratch, responsive templates are a good starting point.

You can also design a separate website just for mobile devices. A small piece of code in your website’s home page can detect what type of device is attempting to view it and redirect it to the appropriate website. This method isn’t really as much trouble as it sounds. In fact, you may get better results by creating a website specifically for mobile devices.

Great resources from Google

Google has a great website called Go Mo, where you can find all kinds of great resources to help you get started. You can also see how your website looks on mobile devices.

I used dudamobile to create South Side Tech’s mobile website. dudamobile is a great tool that will use your existing website and help you quickly adapt it to a new website for mobile. It’s very easy to use and allows you to add buttons and other gadgets to help your customers find the information they need quickly. Oh yeah, I almost forgot – It’s free!

However you decide to go mobile with your website, you need to do it soon. Your customers are probably  trying to reach you from their phones and tablets now. Call today and ask how South Side Tech can help your business go mobile!


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