8 Reasons You Should Post to The Goolge+ “Public” Stream

The Practical Computer | By Tom Ledford

If you want your post to be seen in the stream, post it to “Public!”

Sure, the circles you shared it with may see it. Maybe that is all you intended. However, I suspect many just don’t understand the reasons they should post to “Public.”

1. Your circles will be more likely to see your post!

What if they were not sitting at their computer, or not watching the Google+ stream go by on their phone, at the time you posted it? Do you really think they are later going to scroll their stream backwards forever to see it? Their stream may be much fuller than yours. 

2. You may not have actually wanted your post to be top secret, or FYEO.

Even if you did, you have no guarantee that someone in your circles won’t share it anyway. It might just be me!  Why? 

Because while many people may heed the G+ warning, “This post was posted privately,” I often wonder: What about this post would make the poster not want anyone to see it, especially if it’s not of a personal nature. 

I often click the “Shared privately” link, to see just how private the post really is, only to find out that it was shared to thousands of users! How is that private? I may decide you should have no reasonable expectation of privacy, and share it! I have even seen a private re-share of a post that was originally shared publicly! Please! 

3. Some people share as a way to get the post onto their profile page, where they can easily find it later, in a much smaller stream… theirs.

4. Others like me, may want to post it to their CircleCount favorites page.

Then they can pull a ninja attack and post it later when you least expect it, or when they need content to fill their stream. Ever wonder about why you’re notified about a post you posted months ago? Well…

5. Popular posts are always ones that are posted to public.

You may not have enough followers to make a post popular, even if they all plussed or commented on it. Your post would only be popular among your followers. 

6. It’s more likely than not, your engagement rate on posts is only a small percentage of your followers.

Take the  percentage of that rate and apply it to millions of Google+ users. It ain’t rocket surgery!

7. Plussing and commenting on other’s posts gets you noticed.

They will appreciate it! They will appreciate it even more if your goodwill extends to the public stream. Have you ever viewed the ripples of a post? It’s an option on the post’s drop menu at the top right of the post. The menu drop link looks like a “v”. Privately shared posts may ripple, but they won’t come close to virality as public posts will! The ripples diagram doesn’t show private shares. If your post does spread by private sharing, you won’t know.

8. Google indexes public Google+ posts and will return them in relevant searches.

This is the most important reason to post to Public, especially if you are trying to build Author Rank! The more you post to Public, the more your profile will turn up in search results. People will follow your profile link back to your Google+ page. And, from there to your blog or website!

So, if you want to grow in followers, and optimize your blog and website for search, you are going to need to get your posts into the PUBLIC stream!


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Special thanks to +Kennetha Wade for helping me remember important reasons. 🙂

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