Buffer adds Google+ pages

Now you can use Buffer to schedule posts to your Google+ page. If you use your Google+ business page as a service to your customers, by providing relevant information they can use, this will be a good tool to help you do that more effectively.

If you use your business page as a tool to promote customer interaction, scheduling posts may not be right for you. Of course, comments and +1s will always be in real time, and you will be able to post directly to your stream as always. 

You won’t be able to schedule posts to your personal profile with Buffer. Google has not provided the API for that yet. Maybe they feel that time shifting posts to your personal profile takes away some of the “social” of social networks. 

Hootsuite has offered Google+ page post scheduling for some time now, but if Buffer is your primary social media tool, now you are closer to using one tool for all your scheduling needs.

How do you feel about scheduling posts to Google+? Do you think it will help or hurt engagement?

Buffer ~ http://bufferapp.com/


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