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Your Social Media Posts Do Not Belong To You


In the video below, Mark Cuban warns us about the biggest mistake we don’t know we are making on social media. You will hear the real reason he made this video at the 4:18 mark. For those first 4 minutes and 18 seconds, Mr. Cuban is artfully employing a tried and true sales tactic called FUD – Fear, uncertainty, and doubt. If he can cause even just a little fear, uncertainty or doubt, he may make you believe that you need to be protected from whatever is causing it.

FUD is the bait. Just when you begin to nibble, he wiggles it a little bit more. And BAM! He sets the hook. He happens to have the solution with two types of social media software he is creating.  Mark Cuban Quote

I am not suggesting that Mr. Cuban is wrong, or even that you should not be a little afraid. I am only saying that you should put his points into the proper context. In fact, he has some very good points. The salesman that are the best at using the FUD technique, hardly ever lie. Sometimes, they can even help you understand a very important concept. Their product may will indeed, be of great value!

Mark says something in this video that is very true and I think, very powerful. He said, and I am paraphrasing, “The minute you hit send, you are no longer the owner of that text. Whoever you sent it to is.” They own that text. If it is a post on social media, they own that post. They can do whatever they want to with it.


Mark Cuban – Cyberdust

This is one of the points I was trying to make in two earlier blog posts: Why All My Facebook Posts Are Public and 8 Reasons You Should Post to The Goolge+ “Public” Stream. I believe that making all your posts public will help you to grow your social presence. 

Mark Cuban is creating software, “Expire” and “Cyberdust,”  to cover your social tracks, so no one can pry into what you have been doing online. These applications, and “Snapchat” before them, are intended to hide or erase from your social record, any indiscretion that could be used against you.

How I deal with the lack of privacy on the Net

My way of dealing with the lack of privacy on the Internet is almost the exact opposite approach. I want my record known to as many people as possible. I am trying to build a platform from which I can make my voice heard. I try and behave as if I was in public. I don’t share anything I wouldn’t want others to see. I don’t talk about people in my Circles or my “friends,” and I try not to post about politics or religion. As your Mom probably warned you too, those subjects are not for polite company.

My method is liberating in a way. I don’t worry about something I said about someone in confidence, being discovered because I don’t say it, to begin with. By posting everything as public, I am more careful about what I write. I also don’t have to worry about accidentally posting something meant to be private, as public. I post everything publicly! This method may not work for you, but I have been using it for quite a while now. I know it works for me!

Another one of dear old Mom’s admonishments that I have grown to see the wisdom of, “If you cannot say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.”


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