A History of Social Media [Infographic]

First things first – I would like to thank the good folks at copyblogger for sharing this infographic. They are definitely among the best honey bees on social media today. Although their audience is mostly made up of people like me, who are trying to get better at blogging and content marketing, they knew my audience would appreciate this too.

I started studying “data processing” in 1982, long before the Internet existed. Back then, email was rarely used outside of proprietary mainframe computer systems. Getting email systems to talk to one another became one of my specialties. My online community was Compuserve.

Yes, I am an old nerd. But that’s okay with me. I got to witness this history being made. I just wish I could’ve predicted who the big winners were going to be. Turns out, the big winners are all of us. We live in a world today where our connectivity is bringing diverse cultures and people from all over the world together. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

A History of Social Media [Infographic] - Infographic
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