Build A Platform Using Only a Swiss Army Knife

If you thought this was going to be a how-to article, I am sorry. It is a “How I am going to” article. This is how I am going to build a platform for my voice using social media.

Social media is like a Swiss army knife. You can use it for a lot of different stuff. You can use Facebook to help improve your relationships with friends and family. Twitter can help you make new friends. Some use social media to promote their business. Others use it to promote themselves. You can use social media for all these reasons.

Like many others, I am trying to find my voice on the Internet to share my ideas. I am building a platform I can use to do that. I don’t know exactly how I will use it. I just know that I need to start building it.

I always learned best by doing – by trial and error. I know my voice will carry if I build a good platform to speak from. If I have a platform that helps my voice carry to an audience, they will tune in when they begin to hear good ideas. If I can keep sending out ideas and keep a close eye on how my audience reacts to them, I can begin to hone those ideas.

Chris Brogan’s and Julien Smith’s book: “The Impact Equation” explained how this could work for me.

“…This is a unique time.

     It is a time when ideas can spread, maybe for the first time ever, based not on who created them and how important or rich that person is but instead on how good the idea is.”

Even though, I don’t know exactly how I am going to use my new platform, I know I need to get busy building it! I know my platform can help me promote my business if I have good ideas to broadcast from it.

So, here I go. I am going to build a platform using social media that can reach an audience who will tune in to good ideas. I am going to listen to my audience carefully so, I can understand what ideas they want to hear. Then I am going to develop ideas, give them a voice and listen some more.

I believe I am going to have great ideas!

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“Anyone can write a blog post, but not everyone can get it liked thirty-five thousand times, and not everyone can get seventy-five thousand subscribers. But the reason we’ve done these things isn’t because we’re special. It’s because we tried and failed, the same way you learn to ride a bike.”

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