Placing Missing Children Alerts on 404 Error Pages

The Not Found Project is a European initiative to make use of “404 – Not Found” error web pages by placing missing child alerts on them. Participating websites install a module that converts their 404 error pages to missing child alerts from a constantly updated database. The project is by Missing Children Europe in cooperation with Child Focus. It is currently only for children reported missing in the European Union.

Please visit their website to learn more about this remarkable idea:

NotFound Project, Making better use of your 404 page.  

When I saw this story, I first thought: “What a great idea! I could do that on my website!”

As I read further and visited the Not Found Project website, I was disappointed to learn this program was only available in Europe. So, I began searching for a program like this, here in the United States. After stumbling around a bit on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website, I found what I was looking for, kind of…
Although I didn’t find a solution as easy and complete as the one offered by the Not Found Project, I did find a banner you can put on your website that will display updated information on missing children from the NCMEC’s website:

Missing Children Banner

Join the thousands of individuals who are helping find missing children by displaying the .Missing Children Banner on their websites .

The banner runs continuously and rotates photographs of missing children. The images are updated automatically  to assure that only current information is displayed. The banner links to, providing more information on each child.

I already had a custom 404 page for my website, All I had to do, is insert the Missing Child Banner code, and reformat the page a little.

South Side Tech Custom 404 Page

Click on the image above to see the full page, or go to any bad page name (not) on my website: bad page name

I would like to encourage all my fellow webmasters and website designers to do something similar to this. If you don’t have a custom 404 page or would rather not change yours, the banner code can be placed on any page.

Missing Children Banner              National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


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