The Best Times to Tweet – Automatically


Wouldn’t it be great if you could schedule a day’s worth of tweets to post at the best times, automatically throughout the day? You can!  By using Tweriod and Buffer together, you can tweet automatically when your followers are most likely to be online.

The best time to tweet is when your followers are listening. Tweriod can tell you when they are! Tweriod will analyze your follower’s tweets and tell you when they are tweeting throughout the day. These are the times when they are most likely to see your tweets. They are online and using twitter.


With Buffer, whenever you compose a new tweet or retweet, you have the option of tweeting or adding your tweet to a list that will be posted to Twitter automatically according to the schedule you create.

There are Buffer apps and extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Twitter, WordPress, Android, and iPhones. I use the Buffer Chrome extension to have an option to Buffer tweets whenever I use Twitter or Twitter buttons on web pages:


You access your Buffer Manager from the Buffer website, or use a Buffer Manager browser plug-in to access Buffer Dashboard. This is where you can edit, delete or reorder posts. I use the Buffer Manager extension for Chrome:


Buffer Analytics will report how many retweets, mentions, clicks, and favorites your tweets have. The potential reach, or online audience is also listed for each tweet:


Tweriod will fetch the list of followers from your Twitter account and analyze their last 200 tweets. Based on when they tweet everyday, reports are generated to show you their activity for each day of the week:

For best results, use Buffer and Tweriod together

When connected to Buffer, Tweriod will automatically configure your Buffer schedule for the optimum times to send your list of tweets.

Best of all, they are free!

The free version of Tweriod will analyze your first 1000 followers. Premium versions are available by subscription or one time analysis. Subscriptions start at $3.99/mo for up to 4,999 followers. You can purchase a one time analysis of up to 4,999 followers for $5. Other levels are up to19,999 or 49,999, and over 50,000 followers. 
The free version of Buffer allows you to connect one Twitter account, one Facebook account and one LinkedIn account. Your buffer can hold up to 10 posts for each account. If you upgrade to Buffer’s “Awesome,” version for $10/mo, you can have unlimited posts in your buffer, up to 12 Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn social profiles, and two login IDs to manage your Buffer account.
Both Tweriod and Buffer are easy to install and use. There isn’t any reason you cannot start tweeting more effectively and automagically today! You can read more about them or download them here:
Happy Tweeting!

Would you like to hear more about Twitter tools and strategies? Please leave a comment and tell me about your tweeting style.


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