Twitter marketing – What results should you expect?

The term “drive traffic” is often used to describe how to increase visits to websites. This always reminds me of the traveling circus “barkers” that stood on a platform and shouted, while other circus workers worked the crowd toward the attraction’s entrance by pushing from the back. Unlike the circus, your website is not just passing through town.

There is nothing wrong with trying to get attention for your website or blog, but you need to deliver on your “barked” promises with quality content. You need to provide information that is interesting, useful, and relevant to your audience if you want them to come back. Letting your audience know that quality information is available, and delivering on that promise is pulling visitors, not driving or pushing them.

Statistics like those shown in this Infographic will vary according to your reputation for quality content! Create great content first, then learn how to best use the tools to share information with your audience.

Twitter marketing - What results should you expect?

Learn about data visualization tools.


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