Where In The World Are Your Twitter Followers?

It wasn’t until I began to use Twitter that I really started to appreciate the potential of technology to bring people from all around the world closer together. The Internet truly is making the world smaller. Almost immediately after I began using Twitter, I had people from other countries following me.

I never was a social butterfly when it came to online social networking. I was more an advocate of pragmatic business technology. I couldn’t understand all the hoopla over Facebook. And I just didn’t get Twitter at all. I didn’t see how business could benefit from either. Now, it seems like I spend most of my time using Twitter and Facebook to build relationships and promote my business.

I live in the United States – Lexington, Kentucky, to be more precise. Why would someone in England be interested in my tweets about computer security? Because they have computers in England. Duh! As it turns out, they not only have computers, they are selling things, running businesses and raising families. They are just as interested in the experiences of others, and as eager to do business with them, as we are.

I would consider many of the people and their companies I have come to know through Twitter and Facebook, as viable competitors for by business, regardless of where they are from. Indeed, I may prefer some of the designs and fresh thinking from people in other countries over those here in the United States!

Where in the world are your followers? TweepsMap knows!

Allow TweepsMap access to your Twitter account and it will analyze your followers and show your global Twitter reach. You will be amazed at where you followers are!

I have Twitter followers from 52 countries. I follow many, if not most of them, back. With the help of Google Translate, I have conversations with many of them. Many speak and tweet in English along with their native language. I have made friends in England, Denmark, Brazil, Spain, Mexico and Italy. Twitter helps me reach out to the world!

Please leave a comment and tell me about your Twitter friends. Where are they from? Would you do business with them?


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